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Icon Tutor Online is a network of professional educators helping young learners to improve their English, maths, and
science. We provide a complete solution for parents to include weekly live lessons and online learning activities
delivered through our own learning system: IQ Candy.
Icon Tutor work with Icon Group which published textbooks and offers eLearning solutions to schools throughout Asia.
Our goal is to provide the best possible learning because education is the future!

Thank you.
Michael G. Hines, M.Ed.

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Online Learning

Online learning application is included free with all tutoring. It is available on web (browser), Android, and iOS. Great for
student learning and for parent to following their child’s learning!

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Our tutor are professional educators that use engaging materials to help your child learn better while having fun! Our
online system gives every child more learning and helps you to track your child’s learning.

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